Profile – Dan Pratt.

Dan is our Client Strategy Director, working closely with our client services and production teams to lead strategies that meet our clients’ objectives and help respond to a diverse and ever-evolving digital landscape.

With over a decade of experience at one of the UK’s leading digital agencies, Dan is an old-hand at driving performance, growth, and transformative strategies across a range of sectors, but his passion lies in nurturing his team by expanding their strategic knowledge and bringing out the best of their talents to create meaningful results and a long-term foundation for growth.

It’s unsurprising then, that Dan is fascinated by the way that psychology and external forces can impact and influence consumer behaviour, and the ways that this can inform our strategies.

When he’s not at work, Dan considers himself a collector of skills, from re-learning to play the piano over lockdown, to the assortment of DIY projects he has dotted around the house.  This means that ‘yes’ will be his response to pretty much any adventure or challenge, whether that is a fantastical adventure with his two kids or running up literal mountains, just because he can.

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We’ve built a team of true experts who are not only specialists in their field, but experienced multichannel marketers. Meet the rest of the senior team leading Wolfenden.

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Ben Wolfenden,
Founder & CEO
Daisy Wolfenden,
Managing Director
Felicity Griffiths,
Business Growth Director
Meghan Burton,
Operations Director
Charlotte Griffin,
Client Services Director
Ellie Mack,
PR Director
Alan Aucoin,
Business Development Director
Kim Rushton,
Finance Manager
Jason Sanderson,
Head of Data & Analytics
Louise Fraser,
Senior Digital PR Executive
Georgie Wood,
Social Media Executive
Alisia Horwood,
Digital PR Executive
Chris Harvey,
Paid Media Manager
Stefano Bianco,
Biddable Media Analyst
Elizabeth Walker,
Junior Account Manager
Emily Grote,
Content Writer
Brighdie Readman,
Senior Account Manager
James Heaton,
Digital PR Executive
Matthew Robson,
Head of Paid Media
Tom Corless,
SEO Manager
Emma Barnes,
Senior Data & Insight Strategist
Emily Dean,
Social Media Executive
Sophie Madgewick,
Social Media Manager
Rhea Jasmin Zakir,
Junior Account Manager
Matthew Larkin,
SEO Executive
Olivia Pearce,
Senior Digital PR Executive
Sav Szymura,
SEO Manager
Aimee Crossland,
Digital PR Manager
Emily Downey,
Senior Account Manager
Tom Woffendin,
Paid Media Analyst
Aislin Ward,
Marketing Assistant
Curtis Lewis,
Paid Media Analyst
Anna-Louise Parry,
Senior Account Manager
Beth Horner,
Content Manager
Lizzy Green,
Senior Digital PR Executive
Alex Burton,
Senior SEO Strategist
Jameya Haque,
SEO Executive
Sonya Karimkhanzand,
Content Writer
Emma Robinson,
Senior Digital PR Executive
Shannon Reeves,
Paid Media Analyst

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