The Ben Wolfenden Award 2024

By Meghan Burton
6th February 2024

January marked the second anniversary of the passing of our CEO, founder and friend: Ben Wolfenden. To recognise the values and philosophy that Ben lived by and instilled into the foundations of Wolfenden, last year we created an annual award in his memory. This award celebrates 3 key values that he embodied in our team: innovation, passion and unwavering support.

Ben was so passionate about constantly learning new skills, testing new strategies and striving to achieve our maximum potential and he always empowered the team to do the same. With new software, different channels and new approaches to try for our clients, he was always ready to listen to new ideas and encourage them to come to life (or do it himself!).

Ben was endlessly motivating and supportive; he took real interest in not only his own and our team’s specialisms but in each and every member as a person too. He took the time to listen and get to know everyone, ensuring we were supported as individuals and not just as employees.

Today, we strive to live by these qualities and build on Ben’s vision – not just through our values as an agency, but through our culture here at Wolfenden. We ensure that Ben’s legacy lives on in all members of our pack.

Every year we open nominations for this award to help us continually recognise the legacy that Ben left, asking the whole team to nominate members they think best exemplify Ben’s values.

The nominations are always so heart-warming to read and it’s clear that we all have such a positive impact on the working and personal lives of our friends and colleagues across the teams.

We’re pleased to announce that our ultimate winner this year, for the second ever award, is Anna Parry. Anna is an Account Director here at Wolfenden, a senior member of our Client Services team, responsible for the strategic direction and management of some of our biggest multichannel accounts.

Here are just a handful of the wonderful words that the team had to say about Anna:

“Anna is constantly striving to better both herself and the agency, always modest and always there to help the team whenever we need her.”

“Anna is exceptional when it comes to both innovative ideas and reflecting enthusiasm with clients. She has an organised approach with every client and creates a really positive work environment which doesn’t go unrecognised. She’s always ready to help, whether that’s working together on a task, or when she’s on hand for advice!”

“Anna is such a role model to everyone at Wolfenden. She’s top level in terms of what she brings to clients, but is also really personable, approachable and always willing to help and listen.

Her organisation skills are on point and her strategic brain is exactly what we need at Wolfenden – we’d be lost without her.”

“Anna is always sharing and driving new and interesting work from the production teams, offering improvements from her own knowledge into projects and ensuring that the whole CS team is always informed. Driving to improve her own understanding at the same time, she is also a key member of the team that recognises the hard work of the whole team and is always shouting this out.”

“Anna is always the first person to shout out the great work of other team members and will always go the extra mile to support them with any issues, no matter how big or small. She’s fantastic at her role in CS, always has a strong understanding of all account activity and handles clients with ease. She’s also always one of the first to suggest new ideas, whether that be ways of working, new strategies or upsell opportunities. She’s truly a pleasure to work with and such an integral part of the Wolfenden pack.”

“Anna doesn’t stand still, she continues to develop herself, the team around her and the direction of the agency through hard work and attention to detail. The results across her clients are consistently strong, supported by fantastic relationships to match. She recognises her colleagues, responds to both challenges and opportunities and recognises the balance between life and work.”

“Anna strives to do well for her clients, team and those around her. She takes on any challenge, leads by example and has incredible digital marketing knowledge. She is always thinking of new opportunities and ways to try something new.

She is also passionate about digital marketing and making sure everyone in the team is giving our clients the best level of care.”

“Anna manages some of the biggest accounts in the agency and does it with such ease. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to setting and applying multi-channel strategies and knows how to build and maintain long term client relationships. She has a passion for growing her knowledge and using these learnings and applying them. She’s next level!”

Anna is such a deserving winner of this award, constantly championing her colleagues and working hard to innovate new strategies for our clients. And in true Ben fashion, she will be going on a training course of her choosing to help her continue learning and growing.


Meghan is Wolfenden's Operations Director, working across our production teams to maintain our high standards of work whilst playing a pivotal role in setting the multichannel strategies for some of our biggest clients.

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