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By Rhea Zakir
25th November 2022

Our final post in the National Career Development Month series is an interview with Rhea Zakir, our Junior Account Manager in the Client Services team.

By Emma Barnes
24th November 2022

In October 2020, Google Analytics announced a new version called Google Analytics 4 (GA4), so we’ve put together this short guide for marketers looking to accurately migrate their existing web properties over to it.

By Emma Barnes
23rd November 2022

Tagging and debugging can be a daunting task for a Digital Analyst just starting out, but DevTools is the saviour you need – check out my favourite features.

By Tom Corless
22nd November 2022

Google has just released a new guide to its ranking systems, whilst a lot of them we already know about in the SEO world – it gives us a useful indication of how Google is working to improve the SERPs. We’ve collated our key takeaways to apply to your own SEO strategy.

By James Heaton
16th November 2022

Next up in our series for National Career Development Month, we’re speaking to James Heaton, our Digital PR Executive, on his first year in the role and in the agency world.

By Daisy Wolfenden
9th November 2022

In this post, Daisy recaps the main points from her recent talk at the Digital Superchats event, detailing how you can reposition content’s role in your digital marketing strategy to improve performance across all channels.

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