[Webinar] 30 tips in 30 minutes: How to prepare your digital strategy for economic downturn

By Felicity Griffiths
11th January 2023

Prepare your new 2023 notebooks and pens, on Wednesday 25th January, we’re giving you 30 quick-fire tips in 30 minutes to help you shift your digital strategy to succeed through the economic downturn.

We all know the ‘R’ word is pending… recession. Experts predict if the UK falls into a recession, we could stay there until 2024. The cost of living crisis and economic challenges are affecting us all, meaning they’re affecting your customers and potential customers.

For most industries, this poses big challenges, for some, there might still be opportunities to be had; but what is clear is that consumer behaviour is going to change (and already is) and your marketing strategy needs to adapt.

We work across nearly 40 brands – predominantly in ecommerce and travel – and partner with their teams to find, reach and engage with new audiences and drive bottom-line results.

We have the expert knowledge to know what channel shifts and strategy changes are needed to sustain and even increase performance during this period.

Join our digital marketing experts as they offer genuinely actionable advice on topics such as where to spend your PPC budget, how to measure paid media performance more effectively for your board, how to engage your customers and still deliver short-term results and how to improve efficiencies within your marketing team.

We’ll deliver tips that you and your team can action right away, helping you focus on the activity that’ll see your brand succeed throughout 2023 and through economic challenges.

We’ll cover:

  • How to deliver both short and long-term results through PPC
  • What metrics you should be reporting on to reflect digital marketing performance
  • How you can learn much more about shifts in your user journey during this time using Google Analytics 4
  • How you can share data across channels to create efficiencies and improve performance
  • How to prioritise available budget across channels and your products / offering

Join us for this 45-minute webinar at 3pm on Wednesday 25th January by signing up for your place below.



Felicity is Wolfenden's Marketing Director, setting the strategy for our brand, marketing activity and new business.

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