Google Analytics Data Archiving.

Google Analytics Universal will cease collecting new data for free tier properties in July 2023. This data will remain available for an indefinite period (around six months) and therefore, it’s imperative you have a solution to export and back-up your UA data appropriately before the final termination date.

We’ve developed and built a custom solution which provides the ability to export existing Google Analytics Universal (GA3) data as a whole, utilising the Google Analytics API. The solution provides us with complete flexibility to ensure our clients are able to retain access to the data they need in a useful format.

What will happen to my Google Analytics 3 data?

When Google sunsets Google Analytics Universal (in July 2023) you will have a limited timeframe (around six months) to still access your GA3 data. Your GA3 data cannot be transferred to GA4.

Therefore, you’ll need a solution to be able to export this historical data before it’s gone forever, so you’re able to look back and compare website performance. But, you’ll need to be able to access and utilise this data in a uniform and organised format which allows you to delve into granular data as you’re currently able to within the GA platform.

You could export some data yourself, but you’re likely to experience data sampling as Google limits the number of sessions a single reoport can return, as well as experience aggregated and fragmented data which will limit your ability to filter the data effectively and follow an individual’s user journey.

You need to work with an expert who has a strong understanding and experience of how API’s work, knows what data points should be exported, and even has knowledge on data warehouse which will help to transform your data into valuable formats.

Find out more about GA4 here.

What are the benefits of our data archiving solution?

There are significant benefits to archiving your Google Analytics data with Wolfenden’s solution:

  • Avoids sampling limitations on large date ranges and data sets.
  • Can provide both top level statistics, all the way down to granular dimension and metric values at “per minute” level.
  • Ability to export any custom data points and configurations, but offers a starting point with recommended exports.
  • Has the ability to collate historical data as far back is available from the properties in question.
  • Complete flexibility on exports and access to data, typically large CSV files, ensuring you own any data exported.

What does a data archiving project look like?

If you’re interested in Wolfenden assisting with your analytics data back-up, this is a top-level breakdown of how our implementation process operates:

  1.  Scoping: Firstly, we’ll discuss with you the recommended exports alongside considerations for custom data points, as well as gain access to the relevant Google Analytics properties. We’ll be able to define export time periods and output format to give you a really clear idea of what to expect.
  2.  Exporting: We’ll export a sample set of data to the specification agreed in the scoping phase for final sign off, after which we’ll begin to export the final historical data sets.
  3.  Delivery: We’ll deliver the data sets in a pre-determined and secure method.

The exported data set is yours to own, and Wolfenden wants to support this by giving your business the freedom to have the final exported data delivered using a solution that makes the most sense to your team.


Get a free quote for GA3 data archiving

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