Can you help us raise funds for our founder’s life saving operation?

By Felicity Griffiths
9th October 2020

Whilst we’ve had a week of celebrating our rebrand and our double award wins, just days after being named Leeds’ Entrepreneur of the Year, our founder and inspiration to all, Ben Wolfenden, launched a fundraising page to help save his life.

Ben has battled with Cystic Fibrosis his whole life and following an emergency double-lung transplant last year, should have now been enjoying his time at home with his wife (and Wolfenden MD) Daisy and their two young children.

Instead, due to a hospital error, Ben is now facing just three months to live and has been rejected for a second lung transplant by the UK’s health service.

After extensively reviewing Ben’s files, a pulmonary transplant expert in Switzerland has confidently approved Ben’s eligibility for a second transplant.

For his final chance at life, Ben must now travel to and live in Geneva whilst waiting on the transplant list and is seeking donations to support his living costs before and post-transplant.

Within just an hour of publishing his GoFundMe page on Wednesday, Ben had received over £10,000 in donations, and in less than 24 hours, had smashed his initial target of £100,000!

The kindness and generosity of the Leeds community and beyond has been overwhelming – with Ben commenting:

“To everyone: Every friend, every colleague, every friend of a friend, every total stranger, who has donated and shared our family’s story, this was you. This was all you. We’ll never be able to thank you enough.

“Our babies will always know that we tried everything to make this happen along with thousands of others – you.”

The target has now been raised, as Ben and his family can now start to look seriously at the cost of living, healthcare, insurance and so on whilst he is out there.

As such, we want to keep the donations and support coming – and we’ll be planning a few events over the next couple of months to keep momentum high.

We’ll let everyone know how they can get involved but for now, if you can support the cause – please do so at

Everyone is with you, Ben.


Felicity is Wolfenden's Marketing Director, setting the strategy for our brand, marketing activity and new business.

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