Our Expert Insights.

By Wolfenden
19th June 2024

By harnessing the power of both PR and social media through cross-channel collaboration, you can maximise your results.

By Wolfenden
9th August 2023

Video marketing has emerged as the reigning champion of audience engagement and brand awareness on social media platforms, but how do you create a strategy for it?

By Wolfenden
11th July 2023

Our Account Executive Sarah Dobson reflects on everything she’s learned during her first year working in client services.

By Wolfenden
8th June 2023

There are key differences between Traditional and Digital PR, in terms of objectives, approaches and outcomes, resulting in quite the progressive learning curve for anyone looking to make the jump.

By Wolfenden
4th May 2023

Despite not being the biggest generation, Gen Z have really changed the face of marketing as the latest trend setters, so you need to be creating engaging and topical content with Gen Z in mind if you want to succeed.

By Wolfenden
11th April 2023

It can be frustrating receiving a piece of content that isn’t aligned with your goals, campaign, or brand – after lots of emails sent back and forth, Slack messages, and calls, to make sure everyone is on the same page, followed by the inevitable slew of reworks. The missing ingredient? A good content brief.

The Trends That

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