[Webinar]: Everything you need to know about optimising for E-E-A-T

By Aislin Ward
13th September 2023

Get your notebooks and pens ready for our latest webinar. On Tuesday 26th September at 11:30am, our team of experts will take you through everything you need to know about E-E-A-T.

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There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to E-E-A-T and how to ensure both your onsite and offsite is optimised for it, and with the recent addition of ‘E’ for experience it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re getting your strategy right.

Having positive indicators of E-E-A-T is important for every website, no matter the industry, though its particularly key for ecommerce brands to have an effective strategy in place. After all, you’re more likely to use or purchase from a source you trust than one you don’t.

Join our Head of SEO, Tom, and our Digital PR Director, Ellie as they talk through:

  • The importance of optimising for E-E-A-T and the impact it can have on your online success
  • Where to start with a content strategy which aligns with E-E-A-T and your own KPIs
  • The key on-page elements to prioritise to reflect E-E-A-T to search engine crawlers
  • The impact of Digital PR on E-E-A-T and what your strategy should look like
  • What you should be measuring to monitor the true impact of your activity and how to feed analysis into optimising your strategy

Join us for half an hour on Tuesday 26th September at 11:30am by signing up below.

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