[REPORT] The Trends That Matter: Home and Garden

By Felicity Griffiths
16th March 2021

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We’ve just published our latest report delving into one of the most in-demand retail sectors right now, Home and Garden.

Featuring the top organic performers in this sector, as well as in niche areas such as Hot Tubs, Garden Furniture and Beds – we’ve taken a look at everything from what 2020’s seasonal peaks can tell us, to the up-and-coming search trends brands in this sector should be capitalising on now.

The Home and Garden sector has undoubtedly seen huge demand in the past 12 months, with shoppers keen to improve the areas they’d been confined to in lockdown.

Whilst generally a sector dominated by the bigger, multiline retail brands such as Argos, Wayfair and Ikea, there is considerable room for smaller brands – who’ve had to accelerate their online focus – to gain organic market share.

The past year saw some significant changes in seasonal trends, some of which look to be carried forward into 2021. For example, some trends happened much sooner than usual, such as peaks around gardening terms, which in 2020 happened in April and May as the nation was stuck in the first lockdown and we enjoyed warmer-than-usual weather.

We also saw trends that we’d never seen before – such as spikes in searches for “ring lamps” which improve the quality of lighting in video calls.

We know from working with our own clients in this sector how important it is to have the room in your strategy to be able to quickly and effectively adapt to growing search trends and sales data to identify increases in demand around particular products or themes.

From a digital PR point of view, there’s genuinely a lot of room for the smaller brands to feature on lifestyle and home titles – you just need to know your audience inside out and what kind of content the journalist is looking for.

Key to this is having a proactive approach for identifying trends and having the ability in your strategy and processes to be able to adapt to this, whether it’s expanding the search terms you’re targeting or changing the angle of a planned release.

Download the report for free below and if you’d like us to delve into the specific opportunities for your brand in this sector, get in touch.


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