Introducing the Ben Wolfenden Award

By Aislin Ward
6th February 2023

January marked the first anniversary of the passing of our CEO, founder and friend; Ben Wolfenden. To recognise the values and philosophy that Ben lived by and instilled into the very foundations of Wolfenden, we’ve created an annual award for innovation, passion, and unwavering support: The Ben Wolfenden Award.

Everyone who had the pleasure of working alongside Ben knows that he always empowered the team to strive for our maximum potential; whether it was new software to trial, a new channel or approach to try for our clients, or a new initiative to support the team.

Ben loved getting ideas from everyone in the team and was constantly open to hearing about ways we could improve our approach and offering.

To his team, he was endlessly motivating, always supportive, and took a genuine interest in not only individual specialisms, but each and every member as a person too.

Today, we still strive to live by these qualities and work towards Ben’s vision – not just through our values as an agency, but through the culture we have all built. Ben’s legacy lives on in Wolfenden and in each and every member of our pack.

The Ben Wolfenden Award is intended to help us continually recognise the legacy that Ben left and encourage us to always strive for our maximum potential.

We opened out the nominations to the whole team, asking them to nominate the team members they thought best exemplified Ben’s value.

The nominations made for tear-jerking reading! And it’s clear that across all teams, we all have a positive impact on the working and personal lives of others.

Our final winner, however, is Dan Pratt!

With some truly incredible nominations from the team, Dan exemplifies Wolfenden’s values and truly embodies the approach that Ben founded the agency on.

Read just a handful of the wonderful words that the team had to say about Dan in their comments:

“I have never worked with someone who has so many ideas and ways to tackle different clients and strategy. Dan’s passion for digital marketing is addictive and it makes me want to learn more. He is always on the other end of the phone to support you both professionally and personally.”

“Dan is passionate about the future direction of the agency and a key player in shaping it.”

“Dan has made a fantastic impact across the board as not only a deep thinker but a supportive individual who furthers our team’s skillset on a regular basis.”

“Dan is one of the most supportive people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Congratulations Dan, you really deserve this! As well as a shiny trophy, Dan’s prize includes a training course of his choice – a prize befitting to Ben’s constant desire to learn.

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