Active Minds.

A 185% Increase in US PPC Revenue.

Active Minds
Services Used:
Organic Search Paid Media

We enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Active Minds, an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of those living with dementia, in which we helped the UK-founded business expand into European and US markets. We continuously analysed SQR’s and ran tests in target locations to optimise campaigns and ensure we were reaching the perfect audience, and successfully helped the brand sell its products across its UK, US, German, Canadian and Australian territories. From an SEO and PR & outreach perspective, we developed a bespoke, independent outreach strategy for the new target countries, with each focusing on gaining coverage and links on high-tier publications within those territories, with a readership which matched the target audience.

69% increase in US traffic.

For the US in particular, our focus initially was more around generating brand awareness, putting the Active Minds name and mission in front of those who needed to see it. We researched and tailored each territory’s campaign separately, tweaking wording and angle to resonate with each separate culture. For example, those in the US don’t search for “care homes” like Brits do, they instead search for “nursing home” or “residential home”, so we ensured that the site’s technical foundation, content and outreach angles aligned with these keywords. Our territory-focused strategy ensured that Active Minds were soon thriving in their new markets.

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