Which AI tools you should be using right now in marketing

By Aislin Ward
10th May 2023

What are the best AI tools for marketers? What’s the future of AI in digital marketing? Is a robot going to take my job?

These are the questions circling the industry since the ChatGPT boom earlier this year and they’re all valid questions – well, okay, maybe not the last one.

But we’ve all had questions and concerns as AI becomes more and more normalised, so our managing director Daisy sat down with our solutions director (and resident AI expert) Dan Pratt to chat through all of the common questions we hear about the use of AI in our roles.

So, if you’re a bit confused about how to use AI most efficiently within your marketing role and what it could mean for the future of our industry, take a look at the video below.


List of tools mentioned:


The artificial intelligence chatbot that has been taking the internet by storm. It’s already starting to become a bit cyclical with other AI’s incorporating ChatGPT into their programming.

SEO testing 

This tool incorporates ChatGPT and is fantastic for AB SEO testing.

Excel Formula Bot

For those of us who can never remember the excel formulas we need – simply type in what you need and it gives you the best formula (we won’t tell if you don’t tell).


This is a free tool that can give you a canvas for a business idea. It can be a great jumping off point for your new business and discovery teams.


You can draw a quick sketch of a design or experience and Uizard will create a prototype for you.


This tool takes voice meeting notes and real time transcription – I don’t think we have to say how useful this can be for businesses with plenty of internal and client meetings.


Where ChatGPT has been revolutionising written content, Midjourney has done the same for images. With just a short prompt it can create an image based on your description.

There you have it, our top tools to look at using right now – we’ll bring you more tools across digital marketing functions really soon.

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