[The Digital Dose] Discover how to define & target your audience in our latest free guide

By Aislin Ward
28th February 2022

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The second instalment of our monthly series The Digital Dose is out now. Following our launch issue which helps you with the basics of how to build your digital marketing roadmap, February’s issue is all about defining your target audience.

This month we cover:

  • The importance of finding your audience: Defining a target audience is possibly one of the most important stages of your marketing strategy as the more in-depth you can understand your audience, the better you will be able to target them, the higher your conversions and ultimately, ROI, will be.
  • Gathering this insight to create audience personas: The best way to collate information on your target audience is to create audience personas and you should always make multiple – your target audience is not made up of clones. You can also see one of our audience personas as a guide.
  • How to activate these personas to connect with your audience: Once you have created audience personas, it is important to use the data you have collected within your messaging to ensure they are as effective as possible.

Download your issue for free below and get in touch if you want to chat about any of the tips mentioned.

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