Client Survey 2023: The biggest challenges facing marketers right now

By Aislin Ward
29th August 2023

We recent held a client survey across our client base to gain valuable feedback into our partnerships and any challenges of our clients in the different sectors they work on.

We asked them:

What are the challenges you have faced as business recently?

What challenges do you anticipate you will be facing throughout the rest of this year?

How can we as an agency best support you through these challenges and help turn them into opportunities?

It was very interesting to see that over a vast range of industries, from ecommerce to home care, similar business challenges came up time and time again:

  • Maintaining margin / keeping competitive pricing during inflation
  • Competing in a growing market
  • Maintaining ROI with reduced marketing budget
  • Team resource / retaining staff
  • Tapping into consumer mindset via topical and seasonal elements

Check out the full video below for our insights into the potential challenges businesses will be facing this year.

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