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By Sonya Karimkhanzand
11th April 2023

It can be frustrating receiving a piece of content that isn’t aligned with your goals, campaign, or brand – after lots of emails sent back and forth, Slack messages, and calls, to make sure everyone is on the same page, followed by the inevitable slew of reworks. The missing ingredient? A good content brief.

By Sonya Karimkhanzand
29th March 2023

It isn’t enough to simply write words on a page – you need to be able to create engaging content that’s going to engage readers and pull them in.

By Sonya Karimkhanzand
14th March 2023

Building a smart content distribution strategy is vital for long-term success, so evergreen content is one of the most important elements of digital marketing.

By Sonya Karimkhanzand
15th February 2023

Whether you have been working for or with a business for five minutes or five years, creating audience personas at any stage within your marketing efforts will always be beneficial.

By Sonya Karimkhanzand
2nd February 2023

You may not think it, but tone of voice is one of the most important ingredients in your content strategy. So here’s everything there is to know about tone of voice and how you can nail it.

By Sonya Karimkhanzand
20th October 2021

Once we demystify which psychological theories content writers can benefit from, you’ll be able to create a knock-out piece of writing.

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