5 top tips to finding social media inspiration

By Georige Wood
23rd January 2023

As a creative industry, working in social media often means trying to find inspiration at all times. Unfortunately, there are times when your creative spring runs dry – but worry not! I’ve put together my top 5 tips for sparking social media inspiration on those days it just isn’t coming naturally.

1. Organise a team mind-mapping session.

It may seem obvious, but a team get together should be your first port of call when looking for inspiration.

When you work in a team full of social media gurus, your brains will probably all be wired the same way – they also know what looks good on social media.

Simply scheduling a 15-minute meeting with the team to bounce ideas off one another can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing and you’re sure to have some new ideas by the end of it.

2. Refresh your competitor analysis.

While it’s absolutely crucial to set yourself apart from your competitors, sometimes scrolling through their content can serve as great inspiration.

You can see what kinds of content tends to perform well for them (and what you should be avoiding) and asses how this might work for your own brand.

It’s just as important to analyse the misses alongside the hits though, as sometimes it can be as simple as a missed hashtag or posting at the wrong time of the day – and maybe you will be able to rework their failed idea into something that will be a win for you.

3. Get lost in TikTok

We’ve said it time and again, but TikTok really is ruling the roost at the moment when it comes to social media platforms. With over 3 billion subscribers you cannot deny its popularity or the effect it has on the industry.

It has become increasingly popular as a search engine in recent months and so is a fantastic place to look for inspiration. From the best glamping locations to the latest dance craze and trends, TikTok has all the inspiration you will ever need right at your fingertips.

4. Scroll through Pinterest

No longer siloed into just home décor or wedding inspiration, Pinterest has become an invaluable resource when it comes to social media inspiration.

The only thing standing between you and the best social idea you’ve ever had is the right keyword. And don’t forget to make use of this channel’s most integral feature – you can pin your ideas to a board and come back to it when you need an extra hit of creativity.

5. Reviewing national holidays.

National holidays are every social media executive’s best and most dependable friend.

There’s a national holiday for pretty much everything you can think of, but try not to rely on them too heavily. When creating content around national holidays, make sure you’re only ever using holidays that are actually appropriate for your brand.

Typically, you’ll find timely content performs really well as it demonstrates awareness of current events and global trends, so it’s always worth looking at any upcoming national holidays.

And for the best results be sure to include the appropriate hashtags!

If you’re ever running low on inspiration and need a creative post for social media try out these five tips – and if you’re still stumped, make sure to reach out and we can help you put a winning strategy in place.

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