Profile – Jake Seddon.

Meet Jake.

Meet Jake Seddon, our London-born and raised Paid Executive. With over five-years’ of experience working across multiple marketing and creative disciplines, Jake’s passion for blending creativity and performance with modern marketing strategies is unmatched.

Jake’s background in sales and running his own e-commerce businesses has equipped him with invaluable knowledge and insights, giving him a unique perspective when helping clients to achieve meaningful and tangible results.

Beyond the marketing realm, Jake is an avid Arsenal fan (something that he now isn’t afraid to admit publicly) and an enthusiastic foodie, constantly seeking new and exciting culinary adventures. His commitment to a healthy lifestyle is reflected in his fitness regimen and sometimes seemingly dull diet (his words!), however it is a true testament to his discipline, determination and commitment to constantly improving – aka, optimisation.

Meet The Rest
Of The Pack.

We’ve built a team of true experts who are not only specialists in their field, but experienced multichannel marketers. Meet the rest of the team leading Wolfenden forwards.

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Daisy Wolfenden,
Managing Director
Felicity Griffiths,
Business Growth Director
Meghan Burton,
Operations Director
Charlotte Griffin,
Client Services Director
Ellie Mack,
PR Director
Dan Pratt,
Solutions Director
Tom Corless,
Head of SEO
Jason Sanderson,
Head of Data & Analytics
Matthew Robson,
Head of Paid Media
Kim Rushton,
Finance Manager
Eve Lowdon,
Social Media Account Manager
Armarni Lane,
Digital PR Manager
Emma Barnes,
Senior Data & Insights Strategist
Emily Cartlich,
Account Director
Lauren Quandt,
Paid Media Analyst
Eirini Pliatsika,
Paid Media Analyst
Lucy Askew,
Senior Digital PR Account Manager
Louise Fraser,
Digital PR Account Manager
Sarah MacLeod,
Senior Account Manager
Sarah Dobson,
Junior Account Manager
Chris Harvey,
Senior Paid Media Manager
Matthew Hutchinson,
Senior SEO Account Manager
Rachel Watkins,
Senior Digital PR Executive
Nicole Williams,
Paid Media Executive
Elizabeth Walker,
Account Manager
Brighdie Mills,
Senior Account Manager
Matthew Larkin,
SEO Executive
Sav Szymura,
SEO Manager
Aislin Ward,
Marketing Executive
Curtis Lewis,
Senior Paid Media Analyst
Anna-Louise Parry,
Account Director
Lizzy Green,
Senior Digital PR Account Manager
Alex Burton,
Senior SEO Strategist
Jameya Haque,
Senior SEO Executive

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